Matchbook Subscription

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You're busy. We're busy. Everyone's busy. Sometimes it's easier when something shows up—all on its own—right at your doorstep.

Abra-fucking-cadabra. Matchbook Subscription.

Buy this, and every month the Matchbook release will make its way to your house automatically. You won’t have to beat the rush of folks refreshing their homepages waiting for the latest release to go live. Your Matchbook release will just show up—like magic.

A few reminders:

You’ll still need to check the website to see what lovely human we’ll be working with this month. If you want to receive an email announcing the featured roaster, sign up for our newsletter. 

Sometimes a swag item will need a little more info from you. Think t-shirts, socks, stuff like that. If that’s the case we’ll reach out to you for sizing information. If we do not hear from you we will default to a large t-shirt size or the bigger of whatever sock sizes we have. You are also welcome to include that information with your subscription order.

You can purchase subscriptions at any time (we generally close monthly releases by the 13th or until they’re sold out, so you might miss that month’s release if you sign up in the middle of the month—don’t worry, we won’t bill you until you get a release the following month). You can also cancel at any time. Just click the link in the footer to manage your subscription.

That's it!