Thanks for being a Matchbook Roaster!

We are thrilled to work with you! 
The timelines below are the ABSOLUTE LATEST we can have things done. Ideally, we'd get big questions answered soon and time-consuming assets done (like photography and label design) done as quickly as we can.
First off, let’s talk the basics of the project - hopefully you’ve seen or received a Matchbook box before, but if you haven’t, it includes your coffee (which will feature artwork designed by you or in tandem with you), a trading card with information about your coffee, and some form of swag that speaks to you or you want to share with folks ordering your coffee. Folks are paying about $30 for the box, and we are here to make sure your MCP release is sensational! 
Let’s go step-by-step on what’s next: 


You’ll work mostly with Izzy on this process. We mostly work with small-scale importers since we usually only buy 60-70 lbs of coffee. The budget to work within is anything less than 5/pound per green. Please let Izzy know what coffee you’d like to use and he’ll settle the invoice. We’re also available to help you pick a coffee, send samples, and cup with you if you’re local. 


Just as important as your coffee is your swag - it will show up on Instagram when folks share their boxes online and it’ll be what keeps people coming back and ensuring the success of the project for future roasters. We’re looking for creative ideas that speak to you as a roaster - we’ve seen folks do jacket patches, hand-carved spoons, and beer koozies (these have all been super successful). Be mindful that it needs to fit in a box that's 6 X 5 X 3. 
Each swag item should cost less than 2.50 per item. That's about $125 -$250 based on minimums and release number.
If you’re unsure of what to do, think of the tools you use in your life, both roasting and otherwise. We’d love to see a well-designed bandana or a beautiful screen print folks can hang in their homes. Sometimes the swag gets ignored in favor of the coffee but we’ve found that people are just as excited about the swag and getting a unique and fun item is what has made certain releases stand out. 
Here are some examples to get you thinking:
  • keychains
  • custom keys
  • pins/buttons/stickers


Lindsey will be in touch with you regarding photos, and Ashley will be in charge with you regarding the podcast. Both of these assets are super key for promoting you on social media and sharing your story. 


Depending on what you choose, we will be selling 50x 12oz units online and produce an additional 10x 12oz units for you and the MCP team. 
Production supplies: We will create a list of supplies we will use for the release, this includes: bags, boxes, stickers, tape, etc. We offer two choices of bags - one black, one white, both block bottom for 12 ounces of coffee. 


We will print your labels once you send us the final design, which is totally up to you as long as it fits the criteria below. We also have Katie as our in house Graphic Designer in case you need help with design. 
Labels are printed in a 3.5x3.5” size with YOU having complete control over the design. Please include these items in your design:
  • The Release Name
  • The Coffee name
  • YOUR name and your Matchbook number ( eg: MCP #017)
Your name and coffee name etc. can be as small or as large as you like, but please include them in there somewhere. If you need any help whatsoever with the design, from the concept to illustration or digital rendering, contact Katie. 


Do you have an idea of what coffee you’d like to buy?
How can we help you? 
Do you have an idea of what swag you’d like to include? 
Will you need help with production supplies?
Do you have an idea of what your bag label will look like or do you need help designing it? 
Communication is super key throughout this process. You’ll be getting a lot of emails through us and we are available for any questions you have. If you think you have a question ALWAYS ASK! 
We’d like to have everything settled for your release two weeks from the day we announce—obviously this isn’t always the case. We announce the featured roaster a few days before pre-sale, and pre-sale start on the 1st of the month. Roasting and shipping happens 2 weeks after the first on split days: Roasting on the 15th, production and shipping on the 16th. 
Consider using this checklist to keep yourself on track and make sure you’ve done everything you need! 


___Have your coffee chosen
___Schedule a time to be photographed by Lindsey or have photographer info to her
___Communicate with Katie on label design (will you or someone you’re working with design the bag, or will you need assistance from Katie) 
___Brainstorm swag ideas and run them by Izzy and Ashley 
___Communicate with Ashley about interview
___Start thinking about who will be buying your coffee - begin brainstorming social media strategies to reach folks and get as many people to buy your release
___Make sure social media assets are all put together 
___Have a plan worked out with Izzy on how roasting and production will happen. If you’re local, we might be able to travel to you, but if you’re not, Izzy will work with you on an action plan
___FINALIZE SWAG - we can’t emphasize this enough! We can help you get everything you need if you want to order something or have something special made; if you’re taking care of all the swag then please make sure we know exactly what your swag is and how it will be packaged. 
___Anticipate that we’re getting close to announcement day! Yay! That means we’ll be posting photos of you, and want to generate buzz around your release! 
___When we announce you, you can also announce your involvement with MCP and promote! We find that the folks who sell out of their release sell out within the first few hours! Get promoting! 
___Make sure you have all the packaging items you need. Izzy will make sure you have all the materials and send them to you if necessary. 
___If we do not sell out of your release on Day One, continue to promote! We’ll update everyday up until two days before roast through social media, and we’ll also send an email to our subscribers to let them know they can order your coffee. We’ll start a group thread to keep track of your coffee sales. 
___HAVE FUN! This is the best part! You get to roast delicious coffee for a wide variety of folks across the nation! This is what we’re excited about too. 
___Any last minute questions can go to Izzy—he’s your point person for all logistics and packaging and coffee needs. 
Please let us know anything you’re thinking - preliminary coffee choices, what you know you’ll need help on from us, ideas about swag. Even if you’re not sure of anything, TELL US so we can start brainstorming ASAP! 
We love you and we’re excited to work with you!