Past Releases

MCP#012: Christina Snyder

MCP#012: Christina Snyder

NAME: Christina Snyder


COMPANY: Deeper Roots Coffee, Cincinnati, Ohio 

How was your 2017? Awful? Yeah, awful.

Christina Snyder, roaster at Deeper Roots Coffee in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Matchbook’s February featured roaster, agrees with you. But here we are, in 2018, and Christina is feeling hopeful. “If I’m sending any sort of message, I want it to be optimistic. You still have the ability to surprise yourself.”

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MCP#009: Janine Cundy

MCP#009: Janine Cundy

ROASTER: Janine Cundy


COMPANY: Joe Bean, Rochester NY

When we first reached out to Janine Cundy of Joe Bean Roasters in Rochester, New
York, we were a little unsure of what to do. She’s our November featured roaster,
and we did what we usually do—we sent her an email and asked her to share her
story. As we read her response back, we felt…speechless. Perhaps even a little
overwhelmed. We read her story, her recounting of her life and how she got into
coffee and roasting, and it felt like we were reading a Choose Your Own Adventure
story. It’s dynamic, it takes twists and turns, and yet feels uniquely like every choice
she made led her to this moment, this career, this expression of her talent and
interests. There is simply no other way Janine’s story could have gone.

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