Past Releases



NAME: Sara Gibson


COMPANY: Greater Goods Coffee Roasters, Austin TX

Sometimes, legends are legends for a reason.

A few years ago, you wouldn’t have found Sara Gibson behind a roaster. You would have found her, instead, on the roller rink, leading The Oakland Outlaws, a roller derby team, to victory. Now, she’s roasting for Greater Goods Coffee in Austin, Texas, and is our featured roaster for the month of November.



NAME: Gabe Boscana


RELEASE: The Other Side

We ask a lot of our Matchbook roasters. We pretty much expect them to put their ideas, visions, theories about coffee, hopes, aspirations, dreams, mistakes, triumphs, hobbies, loves into a small box to be shipped out to you—and you’re expected to have a transformative coffee experience that captures the essence of our featured roaster.

That pressure is not lost on Gabe Boscana, owner of Máquina Coffee Roasters our October featured roaster. What gets Gabe, though, is the ephemeral nature of this project. “This is a special thing. It’s not going to happen again,” he shares.

MCP#019: Cara Zebrowski

MCP#019: Cara Zebrowski

NAME: Cara Zebrowski

YEARS ROASTING: 8 Years roasting

MACHINES: Diedrich IR-1, Diedrich IR-12, Probatone 5

COMPANY: The Pantry, Cold Spring, NY

Cara is drawn to roasting probably for the same reason a lot of people like making coffee: she wants to give people something tasty and enjoyable. “I guess I really want people to feel good when they drink coffee I've prepared,” she shares. “It's silly, and too simple a thing, but I really want someone to feel better. Everything else may be falling apart and on fire around them, but this, this one thing, this is something I can do for them to make the world suck a little less.”

MCP#018: Izi Aspera

MCP#018: Izi Aspera

NAME: Izi Aspera


COMPANY: Wrecking Ball, San Francisco, CA

It’s difficult to write a story about Izi Aspera. Writing a story about someone usually implies that there’s a beginning and an end; writing stories specifically about Matchbook roasters sometimes ends as a summation of all the moments, eccentricities, and happenstance events that got them to this very moment and how all that experience has shaped the way they view coffee. They tell us about how they view coffee, and somewhere in their personality quirks and life experiences, we sort of get an idea of how they roast and perhaps a sneak peek into how they approach each and every coffee.

MCP #017: Jen Apodaca

MCP #017: Jen Apodaca

NAME: Jen Apodaca

RELEASE: Mugshots

COMPANY: Royal Coffee Importers

Jen’s release will be like nothing we’ve ever featured before. Instead of one coffee, you’ll be getting three, in a release she’s calling Mugshots. Each of the three coffees you’ll receive will have original artwork, by Jen, of three different women that Jen has described as meaningful to her. “These folks are my patriots,” and in describing these people, we feel like you’ll get to know Jen better.