MCP#006 Taylor Gresham

ROASTER NAME: Taylor Gresham


COMPANY: Evocation Micro-Coffee Roastery, Amarillo, TX


a minimalist study of Taylor Gresham.


  1. taylor:

connects dots

learns about coffee

is gracious

creates aesthetic moments


wants to be remembered as kind

works out

keeps a coffee journal

sees potential


  1. the coffee:

a challenge; she knows

in theory should be easy

not always the case


difficult coffee

a washed ethiopia

duromina shines


turn up the flame, heat

drop coffee—momentum

an aggressive roast


what is it? process.

changes coffee, becomes strange

acid mellows out


sweet carries throughout

milk, no milk, doesn’t matter

everyone should drink


  1. creating lines.


intentional moments are scattered through taylor’s story.

here are some of the most poignant.


go to art school.

find it pointless.



work as a barista.

become passionately obsessed with coffee.

study everything you can.


find roasters.

ask to shadow them.

become a head roaster.


choose a coffee.

learn everything about how it’s processed and grown.

master the roast.


stay tuned for more.